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How to get your P1 Driving Licence

There are two separate tests that you have to pass before you can get your P1 driving licence, the Driver Knowledge Test, a computerised test covering a basic knowledge of traffic signs, road markings, road sense, hazards, rules and regulations, and the practical test which tests your actual basic driving ability. You must pass both of these sections of the test before you are allowed to drive on a public road unsupervised.

Essential Elements of Our Learner Driver Course

Most of our pupils come to us with varying degrees of driving experience. Regardless of your previous experience, our learner driver course is designed to build upon the experience you have and instil the ability and confidence necessary to become a safe driver for life.

We have set-up a training page on Facebook (Pass Plus Driving Academy), link on as a friend and start learning essential aspects of driving.

Our Learner Driving Training

Our learner driving training incorporates the following aspects of driving essentials: Rules of the Road, Road Signage and Traffic Regulations / The Law and You / Owning a Car / The Requirements and Procedures / Driver Alertness / Awareness / Driver Attitudes / Driver Responses & Vehicle Separation Distances / Think, Reaction and Overall Vehicle Braking Distances / Driver Impairments / Driver Perception / Driver Judgement / Driver Decisions / Explanations on Vulnerable Road Users / Driving on Different Road Types / Different Road Conditions.

In order to achieve the best results on your learners driving assessment, we provide a complete service and we can also help you with your licence applications. Our course includes cock pit drills to help you understand both internal and external aspects of your vehicle. In addition to learning how to utilise the features in your vehicle you will also learn basic road techniques in MSM including signalling, vehicle control and skidding, road procedure, appropriate junction, crossroads and roundabouts behaviour, as well as how to make progress safely.

With our learner driver course you can take your lessons on a more frequent or intensive basis. You will take a Mock Practical Test before taking the real thing. You will have to log at least 120 hours (NSW) or 100 hours (Qld) of supervised driving (which includes a minimum of 20 hours of night driving in NSW and 10 hours Qld) before you can attempt the Driving Test.