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Pass Plus Training Academy has earned an excellent reputation as a reliable and ethical School, providing quality instruction at a reasonable price.

At Pass Plus Training Academy, we pride ourselves on our high standard of tuition, and by learning with us, you are ensuring the best chance of success and many years of safe driving.

We do not just teach you the skills to pass a driving test. Pass Plus Training Academy’s professionally structured driving lessons will teach you to look beyond the basics of driving and offer a broader understanding of how to adapt to the changing environment whilst out on the road.

We believe that all drivers are not created equally, therefore we have built a driving school whose main focus is to provide driving lessons tailored to suit your individual needs.

Although we issue some advice on the driving test in the following text, we advise Driver Education as a way forward. We believe that test standard is only the beginning of your driving life. it is a minimum standard of competency…. Essentially being a “good driver” is Experience Over Time and Time Over Experience and Pass Plus Training Academy will provide you with the correct foundations.

However As a Re-Cap We Advise the Following

Study the rules of the road and understand the content fully. Ask questions from reliable sources. Take adequate driving lessons with your driving instructor and get as much practice as possible and consider what if? What if that car was to move out whilst I pass this junction? What if the traffic lights were to suddenly change to amber, can I stop safely? Take a series of pre-test courses prior to your test date with your instructor, to familiarise yourself with the complexities of test route. Practise the pre set test manoeuvres, until you can carry them out, without prompting and without any minor faults. That will leave you with a margin of less than 8 faults for the rest of the drive on the day of your test. Practise until you can drive without verbal or physical intervention from your instructor or supervisor for the duration of a full driving lesson or a mock driving test.

The 10 Most Common Reasons for Driving Test failure

1.  Observations at junctions – ineffective observation and judgement

2.   Reversing – Ineffective observation and / or a lack of accuracy

3.   Use of mirrors – not checking or not acting on information

4.   Merging – not following marking / not performing shoulder checks / mirrors or not acting on information

5.   Incorrect use of signals – not cancelling or giving misleading signals

6.   Moving away safely – ineffective observations

7.   Incorrect positioning on the road – particulary at roundabouts or on bends

8.   Lack of steering control – steering to early or too late

9.   Incorrect position to turn right – at junctions and / or in one way streets

10.  Inappropriate speed – travelling too fast, slowly or with too much hesitation

At Pass Plus Training Academy we provide:

  • Affordable Driving Lessons
  • Experienced Brisbane Driving Instructors
  • An Established Brisbane Driving School
  • Instructors that Receive Regular Training And Monitoring

(Remember once an instructor receives their licence to instruct they have no obligation to receive additional training or monitoring).

There are many instructors teaching out dated procedures