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Why Pass Plus Training Academy:

Direct Response Driver Training, Consultants & Strategists Because We’re Small …. You Get Bigger Results

‘Pass Plus has to become an indefinable educational force focused on serving our clients using effective training, delivering fast results.’

We specialise in creating effective driver training programs and strategies that will have a powerful impact.

Celebrating 14 Years in Driver Education

Our mission is to get you for ready your driving test in the shortest possible time. From the moment you contact us, we put our experience to work and take control of your driving lesson requirements.

Pass Plus Training Academy’s standard of tuition is very high, our training programs are designed to not only assists you in driving correctly, we provide you with vital knowledge that will help prevent you coming to any harm.

This is achieved by providing essential driver training, we structure our lesson to cover certain driving skills and improve your practical driving skills. As you complete each stage, your Instructor will record your progress at the end of each lesson.

S. No.The Units of Learning Explained
Unit 1Cockpit Controls & Safety Checks, Moving Off & Stopping
Unit 2Correct Positioning
Unit 3Changing Direction
Unit 4Progression Management
Unit 5Meeting & Crossing Traffic
Unit 6Anticipation & Awareness
Unit 7Sharing the Road
Unit 8Dealing with City Traffic / Heavy Congestion
Unit 9Changing Direction (More Complex Situations)
Unit 10Speed Management
Unit 11Driving Calmly and being Aware of Surrounding
Unit 12Freeway Driving

Pass Plus Training Academy is a family owned business which has specialised in all forms of driver training from Learners, Fleet / Corporate Driving to Driving Instructor. We are committed to improving road safety through delivering the best quality education.

  • Fully accredited with the Queensland Department of Transport
  • Holders of certificate IV in Transport & Logistics
  • TAE40110 Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Blue Card holders permitting us to work with young students
  • Members of the I.D.I.G (Indipendant Driver Instructors Guild)

All Pass Plus Training Academy Instructors receive regular one to one training to ensure we provide you the best service.

Anyway, you’ve arrived at our website because you’re searching the web for driver training, help, advice, direction and success for you or your company, right?

So I’m happy you found us because when it comes to educating people in Driving, Instructor Training, Hazard Awareness, and producing direct response Corporate Training, that’s exactly what we do for clients just like you … Direct Response Driver Training.